PHPPA - PHP PhotoAlbum


PHP Photoalbum is (well, will be :P) full featured web photoalbum management system based on PHP/Apache/PostgreSQL.
Below is some of the features offered by PHP-Photoalbum:

  • Description and keywords can be added to each picture
  • Meta-data info's are read from the picture EXIF header
  • Thumbnail creations done with ImageMagick
  • Pictures can be categorized, each picture can be member of different categories
  • Categories can have unlimited number of subcategories
  • Different access levels for visitors (requires users to register and login on each visit)
  • Commenting system where visitors can add their own comments to pictures.
  • Powerful search machine to search pictures
  • Mass-uploading of pictures can be done through the admin-web interface or via FTP
  • Powerful admin interface for admining categories/pictures/users

  • Screenshots / Demo

    Online demo of our prototype will be made available shortly.

    Screenshot 1 (Expanded tree of categories + one category viewed) - In Icelandic

    Download info

    Unfortunately PHP-PhotoAlbum has not been released yet. We are currently working on developing it. We have a prototype up and running, but still there is much work to be done, specially translating the project to English, since most of the development has been done in Icelandic.

    We plan to have the first public release of the photoalbum available in early 2002.

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